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Supports All Stages of Hoof Development

Research has continually pointed to the effectiveness of biotin as a nutrient which dramatically benefits the growth and repair of skin and hooves. As common as biotin supplements have become, there are significant differences in those offered commercially. Investigation has indicated that at least 20 mg of biotin must be fed daily, and on a continual basis, to achieve long term improvement. Co-factors, including methionine, are incorporated into HoofStim® to improve its efficacy.

HoofStim is the ideal supplement for horses with cracked or weak hooves that result from various genetic, nutritional and environmental factors. Recommended for horses of all ages, the combination of ingredients supports the growth and development of many of the vital elements of the hoof. Feeding the hoof is a long term proposition. Research has indicated, on average, a minimum of 8 months of continual biotin supplementation is required to achieve visible improvement.

  • Cracked hooves
  • Weak hooves
  • Biotin plus other vitamins and minerals
  • Supports all stages of hoof development
  • Increased bloom

Feeding Instructions

Feed 1 oz (1 scoop) per day for all classes of horses.