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Horse Yoga Retreat by Hallway Feeds

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Lexington, Kentucky, the “Horse Capital of the World” is home to Hallway Feeds, the equine-only feed mill dedicated to superior equine nutrition, and holistic wellness for horses — no cattle feed, hog feed, and especially no goat snacks, they’ll eat anything. Just the highest quality ingredients, crafted perfectly and working closely with trainers and farms has fed a fair share of success — two Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify to over a dozen Kentucky Derby Winners, countless Champions, and victories celebrated across equine competitions.

When you spend your life around great horses, you realize that they can teach you just as much as you can teach them. Especially if the horses spend time with Dan James — master horsemen at Double Dan Horsemanship. Among Dan’s many accomplishments is guiding a trio of horses on a journey to become the world’s first yoga instructing horses.  

Hallway Feeds proudly introduces The Horse Yoga Retreat — a destination experience designed for the most adventurous yoga enthusiasts. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is led by expert horse yoga gurus, Swampy, Vanilla Ice and AppleJack. 

Master poses like Downward Horse, Neighasana, Vajrahoove and many others, taught by horses and adapted for people. Goats could never do yoga, let alone teach a class. This is where the whole horse wellness experience comes full circle. 

Reserve your spot at the next Horse Yoga Retreat, or take a tour at the mill as part of the many Horse Country experiences available in Lexington, KY.