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Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Box For Horses™

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Finding love is hard. Now imagine being a horse, it’s even harder. With over 17,241 mares and only 228 stallions, it’s complicated. 

For some stallions like War Front, earning $150,000 every breeding, and his foals topping sales at $5.2M, differentiating the foundational mares from the golddiggers is the hard part. Clearly, no trouble with the ladies. 

But for those budding stallions looking for mares out of their league, Hallway Feeds proudly introduces the first ever Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Box For Horses™. Known for superior equine nutrition, and a reputation of the highest quality feed for stallions heading into the breeding season with Stallion Max, Hallway Feeds takes the next step in horse feed innovation just in time for the breeding season.  

This 1 of 1 gift was fully-vetted by world-class studs, including War Front, Blame, Vino Rosso, Authentic, and Alternation. Now we introduce this one-of-a-kind gift for those horses relentlessly swiping right for mares they’d never have a chance with, helping them beat the odds for a date with one of the top mares. No more sliding into DMs. Just good old fashioned chivalry at its finest, like a true Kentucky gentleman. 

Hallway Feeds’ Valentine's Day Heart-Shaped Box For Horses™ is available for a limited time offer.